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I started a blog this week to discuss the sentimental movement that drastically altered the path of my life.  It was a sincere and sweet story about my family and how life experiences have changed what I want in my life.  It was only half written when my day went haywire and I had to change what I would share.  Perhaps another time you will hear the sweet story.

Today is the story of how the stress cocktail screws with your ability to think, remember, and basically function.  This week was off to a great start.  The weather is cooling; I bought new fall beverages like caramel apple cider and pumpkin coffee.  This week is boss’s day and we had a special little event planned for Charlie.  I was excited, as I knew it would make his day! I taught at the hospital to an amazing group of therapists and we worked with the sweetest little boy.

Monday afternoon Charlie and I sat on the back porch at the office watching our one-year-old play while we discussed business.  It was glorious; to be working together during the day with our kid entertained.  Tuesday night he helped me print and organize handouts for my Wednesday class.  I feel cheery thinking about how perfect our little life is in this season.  Feeling as full and content as they come.

Thursday morning it was show time. I was up and working to play the day as typical so Charlie did not know a surprise was in his future.  It worked well.  He arrived at the office first and called to tell me his office was decorated.  We have breakfast as a team. He opened cute gifts.  It was a warm and fuzzy type of morning.

I left to meet some girlfriends and their children at the petting zoo. I was really pumped to be able to spend the morning outside watching my little one explore, but I could not find my keys. Jack has developed a new fascination with throwing things in the trashcan. He also likes to “put things up” in unusual places. I searched everywhere digging through trash looking for my keys. Then I found them where I left them—in his diaper bag. How Frustrating. I sent a text to my girlfriend to let her know I was running late. She then called to tell me the event is not until tomorrow.

I then returned to the office frazzled but excited to have a little down time to get re-organized. There were four firefighters standing in our conference room. Life immediately paused. What was going on?

First, our inspection had already been done. I wondered if they do random checks. When they explained they normally call, but just dropped in, I am suspicious. There were no other vehicles in our lot. Even on my most flustered days I would notice a fire truck. I start to wonder if they are imposters, because I watch too much T.V.. I realize that makes me sound crazy so I wonder if something bad has happened and they are here to tell me bad news. I was really lost, but still alarmed that they just want to walk through our office.

Once they left, I was relieved to hear I was not the only one who was suspicious. Mandi asked to see their badges before I had returned. She is a rock star!! I feel comforted knowing I did not just give my cell number to people that are out to kill me.

All was once again calm. I sat at my desk for a moment trying to catch my breath and redirect my day. I took some deep breaths as my son empties my pencil container. I was exhausted and a little lost. The little man started screaming again. I looked over and saw some funny glasses sitting on my desk. I put them on and it changed Jack’s mood. He started laughing and making faces at me. My mood changed too.

Now he is napping. I am back on the porch feeling the breeze and hearing the highway noise. Calmed and recollected.

And I just want to laugh. What a crazy morning!! But I realize that is how life goes. Enjoy each season. Laugh at the crazy. Grow with the challenges.