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Precious Moments: A Gift In Two Acts

On February 14th in 2002, my sweet boyfriend traveled from San Antonio to Denton and proposed we get married. It was the best idea I’d ever heard and I gladly said yes.

We decided to have a nice dinner to celebrate; I spent more time trying to determine which earrings to wear with my dress than it took to have dinner.

When I finally got in his truck, he asked me to reach for something in his glove box where I found a little red box with tear drop diamond earrings that matched the stone on my engagement ring.

The following year he surprised me with a necklace to complete the set. For 16 years I wore those earrings. I loved them. They were elegant and classic.

About 10 years ago, we purchased a stand alone jewelry box to have a home for my precious items. This past year, as our second son was beginning to walk, I moved that trusty box into my closet for safe keeping. Most of it was inexpensive cosmetic jewelry, but I kept the most precious on top thinking it safest “up high”.

After our first son was born, my husband purchased a new set of earrings and necklace that carried peridots, my son’s birthstone. At that time, my precious diamonds took a backseat to my newest love and found safe refuge in the top of my precious box tucked in my closet.

We aren’t really sure the details, all I can say is we underestimated him. We found all the drawers missing and jewels everywhere and one tear drop earring was never found.

I really try hard to keep my love for stuff in check, but this loss hurt. There was so much sentimental value wrapped up in that little earring.

For our 17th (early)Valentine’s Day, my husband took the one remaining stone to my Aunt Lisa, at Lisa McConnell Design, and had them made again. This time slightly different. She rotated the princess cut to resemble a baseball field as we have a son to cover each base.

This little twist perfectly symbolizes the evolution of our life. We have travelled from the traditional young couple to a family of boys and the sparkle has only grown.

The secret is the sparkle isn’t in the diamond but in a love willing to treasure the precious moments.

Wishing you all plenty of sparkle and love this Valentine’s Day.