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Rodeo Season

If you ask a native San Antonian what time of year it is they are unlikely to respond with winter or spring. Here in San Antonio, it is Rodeo season. The rodeo is an annual tradition where families head out to the grounds to enjoy food, music, and bull riding. But rodeos aren’t just about bucking broncs, raging bulls, and barrel racing.  Let us not forget all the ways these rodeos are benefitting their respective communities and the ways we can assist these great causes.

Each rodeo is devoted to making their community better. This is done by funding scholarships to help children with education and tuition costs and making various charitable contributions to local businesses and non-profit organizations. Rodeos are able to accomplish charitable contributions through ticket and grounds sales. However, most of their funds are raised from donations from patrons and businesses. In 2015, the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo donated a record-breaking $12.2 million to help further the education of the youth in the state of Texas. The San Antonio Rodeo has contributed over $160.1 million since their inception.

It is inspiring to see how much one town can contribute when donating to a single cause. If you feel compelled to contribute financially, consult an estate planning attorney about the unique tools available to you; such options can be annual gifts, creating charitable trusts, or setting up an endowment, foundations, or scholarships. It isn’t too late to saddle up and attend an event at the rodeo this year. Let’s Rodeo San Antonio!