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5th Annual Pie for a Purpose

Have you heard little whispers of our Annual Pie for a Purpose? Are you wondering why we make such a big deal about getting together to eat pie? Maybe you view this as our opportunity to fundraise. While we do a little fundraising, it isn’t the main purpose.

Pie for a Purpose was born the fall of 2012 when Charlie and I were sitting around the office with a calendar in hand mapping out our Holiday Schedule. As we were scribbling in dates it occurred to us that these events had a similar flow. They are often galas mixed with silent and live auctions or parties with White Christmas exchanges. While we enjoy our evenings at these events and we love supporting local causes, we quickly realized we wanted to carve some time to sit with our friends. We wanted to make sure that we made time to pause and remember what was important before the mad rush of the Holidays.

As we tried to dig a little deeper we wanted the event to be relaxed, inviting and comfortable. We wanted to be able to be part of our event without having to work the night away. We wanted to have a moment to see our clients and colleagues and say Thank You. Thank you for being you. Thank you for working with us.

We realized that the rush really starts at Thanksgiving, so we started with carving the week before Thanksgiving as our time to host. We then started thinking about what we really care about; we kept circling around our family and community. We worked to intertwine our community into this event. And thus, Pie for a Purpose was born.

We invited a non-profit from our community to introduce to our friends around a casual meeting with pie.

Five years ago, we started with the ARC of San Antonio and each year we have fallen deeper in love with this organization. They help individuals with special needs have resources and events beyond the high school years. They help these families find community and fun. We are thankful they make our community brighter.