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How to Become a Super Mom 101

This blog was inspired by a series of fortunate events. Inspiration started early last week when my son received a cape at his 2-year-old birthday party. Inspiration grew mid week when I caught an egg mid-air keeping it from hitting the floor. Last, I knew the Heavens had parted and all stars aligned mandating this blog come to fruition when Mandi had her baby on Saturday. Therefore, I dedicate this blog to my sweet friend and colleague, Amanda Batsche. Without any further ado, here is how you too can become a Super Mom!

1) First, Know Your Super Powers

In the days I worked with infants in the hospital, I was taught about how an infant recognizes a parent’s sound, smell, and taste even before delivery. As a therapist, we use to demonstrate this to parents by laying their infant on our lap and asking mom to talk. The infant would always turn towards mom and away from the therapist. Experienced moms are very familiar with this phenomenon as you can pass a crying baby around a room, but only mom will do.

This is your very first Super Power. It does not matter how equipped you feel you are, to that precious little one you are perfect. This phenomenon seems to carry on for several years. You may be skeptical you are still possessing Super Powers when that little bundle turns two and is creating his own identify, but girl, you do!

Even as they develop their own identity at the end of the day they still come running back to feel grounded and safe with mom. Trust me, it was just last night I had toddler fighting to stay chest to chest with me all night long.

2) Second, Know this Child was Divinely Placed with You

You hear people say that God places children with their parents, but there is no replacement for experience. There is an innate connection between a child and parent. Whether the child is yours biologically or not, you bond. You grow to understand each other and how to meet their needs in ways no one else can. However, I believe that even as God knows the number of hairs on our head, He knows what Super Powers you need to be the best Mommy to your chosen little one.

For example, I spent years working in a gym and on a court perfecting my coordination skills. I had not thought much about those years of training until recently. As I have my second boy on the way, I now think I was training more for parenting boys than that college basketball team. I daily “save lives” by catching balls, hammers, blocks, and toddlers as he throws, jumps, and drops things. I consider my coordination a Super Power that has kept my child and his friends alive. (On a side note, I believe we have more “Super Powers” than whether we can catch a ball, but you get the point).

3) Third, Being a Super Hero May Not Look Like You Envisioned

The Internet is full of mom blogs that will make you feel better. They share pictures of their messy kitchens full of dishes, toys, and messes. I appreciate these women for being open enough to share their messes and the lessons they are learning. It is healthy to have realistic expectations and to understand you are not alone nor are you failing.

Being a Super Mom takes a support group, a healthy dose of self-talk, and occasional Mom time to regain perspective. Remember, the fact that you need to re-fuel does not make you weak it makes you wise. Fatigue is the ultimate Kryptonite. It will make you believe negative things that are not true. Make sure you re-fuel regularly so that you can be your best version of you.

I believe every mom has her collective bag of Super Powers that empower her to be what that child needs. So pay attention, figure out what yours are, and remind yourself you are Super Woman!