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Event Recap: Pie for a Purpose 2017

Thank you!

Together we have kicked off the Holidays in a generous fashion.

Our 5th Pie for a Purpose was full of warmth, pie, music, and laughter. It was delightful to see some faces that I see daily and to see others I had not seen in a few years. I personally think the band makes the ambiance…what do you think?

The pies continued to exceed expectations. Yearly, we have varied our pie order trying to get the best of the best. It appears we are getting closer. We ordered five more pies this year and we had little left. Word has it, the Triple Berry was the night favorite.

Although, it seems the littles mostly enjoyed the fruit. I am not sure what age pie loving starts, but I know mine haven’t caught it yet. They mostly consumed cantaloupe. Yep, all this richness and they opted for cantaloupe on a stick!

Call me bias, but this event just seems to be getting better every year. We were able to meet the Arc’s new CEO, Mike Bennett, and we were ecstatic that newly retired CEO, Steve Enders, also joined us. We were able to meet several board members this evening as well as present our first check. Check presentation is something we have always wanted to do and something we want to grow. We come from humble beginnings, but it is rewarding to be getting to this point.

Thank you for joining in on this effort with us. We raised $1611.40 in cash donations and two large boxes of toys. We love seeing this number grow. Our donations doubled from last year’s numbers, $700.00.

Even more enjoyable than watching this number grow is hearing about how the love for this event is growing. We heard several people tell us they look forward to this event all year and that warms my heart greatly.

To end the evening this year, we added the pie in the face raffle. To my surprise, most of the night I kept hearing how no one wanted to throw pie in Charlie’s face because he was too nice. BLAH! Yes, he is adorable and super nice, but it was the highlight of my evening. I was glad to do it. I realize to some this makes me a bit devilish; to me it’s just pure fun.

This evening sets me in the mindset and mood for the holidays. It reminds me to be generous and to take time to sit back and enjoy the joys of the holidays.

I hope it has done the same for you.

Happy Holidays.