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Hero’s Challenge

The Ferrari Kid, is a non-profit organization that gives kids coping with cancer and dealing with any illness the ride and experience of a lifetime.  They specialize in making kids celebrities for a day. No needles, chemotherapy, or surgery on this day. From the moment they’re picked up in a Ferrari, the excitement begins. They arrive at a celebrity destination of their choice (the spa, mall, games, dining, and Spurs events) and receive a V.I.P experience, complete with red carpet, ropes, paparazzi, and autograph seeking fans. It’s a day they will never forget and allows them to have fun and simply be a kid.  It’s a beautiful day filled with fun, love, hope that they and their families can enjoy.   They include the whole family, because cancer not only causes the patient physical and emotional pain and turmoil, the families suffer too.

Weisinger Law Firm has a team goal to raise 6k to help make good memories for these families. Please join us in wiping out the Ferrari Kid wait list by donating here. We will also be hosting an event at Mattenga’s in Schertz on Monday evening April 15, 2019 from 5-8 pm where a portion of the proceeds will go to supporting the Ferrari Kid.

You can learn more about Ferrari Kid on our blog or their website for face book page.