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Hallmark Movies, Christmas Decorations, and Holiday Cheer

Charlie made the mistake of telling me I could watch as many Hallmark Christmas movies as I desired the next two months. We have watched at least one Christmas movie every night since.

Watching this many Christmas movies has made me a much happier person. I believe it is impossible to watch jolly movies and not feel like decorating, baking cookies, and telling the world, “hope you have a dazzy day.” To put it mildly, my Christmas Spirit is in full throttle.

It was no surprise that I was ready to get the Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving. We bought additional ornaments, garland for the stairs, and a new angel topper. Then we purchased a new tree skirt, new stockings, and stocking holders.

Next, we started decorating outside. Traditionally we only place white lights on the tree bushes and on one floor of the house. I worked in the trauma center for almost 10 years. I have been overly fearful of ladders and injuries, until this year! I was up on the roof placing additional lights on the second floor… and then I went crazy!

Well, it is really only crazy for me. In our 12 years of marriage, each year we battle about acceptable décor and I restate that colored lights and inflatables are not appropriate.

This year I suggested, for our son, that we jazz up our yard decorations. So a tree with presents, inflatable Santa in a helicopter, snowflake lights, second floor lights, and bush lights later we are done!

Last night I was so proud of our yard that we ate dinner on the lawn. It felt like my very own Hallmark movie. I heard the lines from our recent movie playing in head, “ You can listen to your head, but you must follow your heart”.

Snow was digitally added to represent the author’s full vision.