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He is Worth Planning For …

I serve as communication coordinator for Weisinger Law Firm.  I am Charlie’s wife, Jack’s mother, and a Physical Therapist working on a dissertation. I am not a legal expert.

I used to never think about wills, estate planning, probate, or read anything without pictures.  Seriously, I did not know what probate meant before Charlie started his firm.

To a girl busy pursuing a career, raising a kid, and maintaining a marriage, death and worst case scenarios were not on my radar.  Several times I argued with Charlie because I didn’t want to discuss gloomy situations.  One such conversation happened during our pregnancy when Charlie said we should update our Estate Plan.  I scolded him for making me consider what to do if we died.  Our child was not yet born and he was asking me to prepare for something I did not want to imagine.

I have come to realize that while I was busy “pursuing” my life, I may have overlooked how precious and fragile life can be.  In the past few years I have seen friends lose their children.  Others lost their spouses.  Family members passed unexpectedly.

In these moments, life pauses…reality hits.

And then, I am overwhelmed with thankfulness knowing we have a plan.