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Meet Charlie Weisinger

Charlie Weisinger is the owner and lead attorney at Weisinger Law Firm, PLLC. His long list of credentials and achievements place him near the top of his field. If you are interested, you can read about Charlie’s credentials here on our website, or on his Avvo page. Yet, it is Charlie’s patience, compassion, dedication, and drive that make him truly unique.

Charlie is the first in his family to graduate from college. I can still remember the day he came home stunned after meeting with a History professor at UTSA who had learned that Charlie had recently transferred from community college. She told him he would likely struggle in her class, because she expected a much higher level than he would have been used to. She let him know her doubts of his success were clear. It would have been easy for him to adopt her doubts or to defend himself to her. He did neither, he patiently considered them and decided they had no merit. After all, he was used to overcoming the odds.

I will never forget when we first started dating and he was attending that same community college and working a full-time job as a two-way radio technician. I was attending a local private school while my mom footed the bill. I thought I was so fancy and would rattle off facts to help educate him. He would just smile and say, “Actually” and then gently correct my error. I wish this had been a one-time occurrence. He was patient and compassionate in his corrections. He has always listened twice as long as he talked, but I have learned to lean in when he does decide to talk; often follows a well thought-out response.

Charlie loves to mentor. I assume this passion for mentoring was fueled from two places: 1) his lack of support coming up the ranks through college and 2) his appreciation for those who did come beside him and mentor him. First, he has always had family who cheered him on, but when you come from a family that has not traversed a path before they don’t know which way to steer you. Simple things like working with the financial aid office were foreign to him. Unfortunately, I taught him how to get student loan debt. Other things might have been valuable, such as how to pick a college or a major or to take a class for the SAT. It might have been nice if someone had explained that his high SAT score would have admitted him to any public Texas college out of high school. When no one in your life has taken a path, it takes you a little longer to traverse it. Charlie has had a few good mentors and lots of great business coaching. He has learned how much easier it is to have someone point you in the right direction and provide feedback through his learning process. He values the mentoring he has received so greatly he likes to give back to others in the same way. He lights up to hear others are succeeding.

Charlie is a generous giver. He loves to go above and beyond to share with others. In our college days, he was the guy with the truck helping people move. Today he is developing and organizing charity events, serving on boards, and always thinking about how to improve our community. One of his favorite things is to share how planning can make large impacts in our community. He gives the example of the Smithsonian Museum and how it started when one man wrote in his will that if his nephew predeceased him, his estate would be used to found an establishment to increase and diffuse knowledge to men. James Smithsonian had never been to Washington or even stepped foot on American soil, but he has impacted many generations of American lives. Impacting lives and leaving a legacy is an ongoing discussion in our home.

Charlie loves to make lofty goals that make me roll my eyes and hold my breath, but then he shocks me because he often attains them or at least comes close. He is a big dreamer and he has proven he has the dedication and drive to meet his goals. I love watching him think outside the box. He has learned how to reach out to others and learn what he doesn’t know. He is humble in his learning and dedicated to finding the answer. I have watched countless times as he patiently and fervently worked to find a solution to a problem. Apparently, Charlie is a Tetris genius. I know from the two times I have played against him. He can quickly see the shape of the objects falling down and know exactly where to place the cube to delete the rows at the bottom of the screen. Maybe video games have some value after all because this skill is used daily in his life; Whether it is at home using his ability to organize and pack a moving van air tight or at work when he is trying to find a solution to complex problem, he is able to see the moving parts and organize them into a working solution. The man is a gifted problem solver.

It is no wonder that Charlie has fallen in love with estate planning. He gets to utilize his strengths. He loves to patiently listen to his clients’ stories and dreams. He loves to think outside the box and help others achieve their dreams through mentoring or planning, and often he gets to help others compassionately and generously give.