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Adoption Attorney
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Adoption is a wonderful experience, yet it is also a complex legal process that should be facilitated with the assistance of an experienced attorney. An adoption attorney can help advise you of your rights, explain your options, and handle your case in compliance with all applicable adoption laws.

If you are thinking about adoption and need quality legal representation, Weisinger Law Firm can help. We provide experienced, compassionate and highly personalized legal service for clients in a wide range of adoption matters.

Infant Adoptions

Adopting a baby is a wonderful experience for families, but you should be aware that Texas has very strict laws concerning how to locate a baby available for adoption.

If you are searching for a baby to adopt, we recommend you work with a qualified Adoption agency. However, if you have been given the opportunity to adopt a baby through a family member, friend, or acquaintance, we would love to walk you through the process. When you make arrangements with a birth mother to adopt her child, you want to make sure you understand everything that must be done to finalize the adoption.  We can help you every step of the way, from assisting with birth parent relinquishments, to helping you schedule a home study, to finalizing the termination of parental rights, and ultimately obtaining the final adoption orders.

stepparent adoptions

One common form of adoption is stepparent adoption. When you have helped raise your spouse’s child, it is natural to want to formalize the bond that already exists. A stepparent adoption combines two steps into one: it terminates the legal relationship with the noncustodial/absent parent and creates the legal relationship with the stepparent.

Sometimes the adoption can be done with the noncustodial parent’s approval, while other times it can be a contentious process. The decision should always be based on what is best for the child. Furthermore, the courts will always be averse to terminating a relationship that is beneficial for the child. The Texas Family Code ( lays out the possible reasons for a termination in Chapter 161.

One of the more time-intensive steps is completing the required home study. In a stepparent adoption, the home study can usually be completed by a social worker after one visit. Once the home study and necessary documents have been completed and filed with the court, the hearing can be held for the adoption.

At your preference, we encourage family and friends to attend the adoption hearing, as it is an enjoyable experience and a day you will remember forever.


grandparent adoptions

If you are a grandparent wanting to adopt your grandchild, we can help.  There can be several reasons for adopting a grandchild.  Some of those include you are already raising your grandchild, allowing the child to be eligible for Inheritance rights and Social Security benefits.  A grandparent will often have difficulty providing health coverage, enrolling children in school and other activities without the parents’ consent or a legal guardianship. Adopting your grandchild is another way to ensure you are able to provide the best care for them. In order to adopt a grandchild, the relationship between the child and his biological parents must first be terminated. A termination suit can happen simultaneously with the adoption suit. If you would like more information on adopting your grandchild, we would love to meet with you. We can help connect you with an agency to handle your home study and background checks, and we will walk you through the entire process.