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At Weisinger Law Firm, PLLC, our Cibolo estate planning attorneys are experienced, passionate advocates for our clients. We strive to help families achieve peace and stability through diligent and personalized estate planning. Do not let yourself get stressed out or overwhelmed about the estate planning process. We can help you navigate and understand your options. You deserve an estate plan that you can be confident in and that will offer protection for you and your family, no matter what might happen. To set up a free, completely confidential discussion with an experienced Texas estate planning lawyer, please call us today.

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A last will & testament will let the world know your wishes when you are no longer there to make decisions. Regardless of how much property/assets you have or the current structure of your family, it is a good idea to have a will in place. Should something happen to you, a legally valid will can save your family from confusion, uncertainty, and, in some cases, even litigation. Our Texas estate planning lawyers can help you craft an effective will that both meets your unique needs and can be easily updated to account for changing life circumstances.


Probate is a legal process through which a person’s will is confirmed and their assets/property is identified and distributed. In other words, a decedent’s estate is settled. Of course, not everyone has a will. When no will exists, an estate must still go through probate. The Texas intestacy laws will control what happens to property, assets, and debts. We help individuals and families in Cibolo, TX with all types of probate matters—from guidance on making the process more efficient to representation in disputes.


We have extensive experience assisting clients with trust planning. Whether you are considering creating a living revocable trust, a supplemental needs trust, a charitable remainder trust, or any other type of trust, our legal team is here to help. When structured properly, a trust can be cost-effective and efficient. Further, they offer flexibility and privacy. To learn more about your options, call us today.

Powers Of Attorney

A truly comprehensive estate plan will do more than simply determine who gets what. It must provide protection to you in the event that you are no longer able to manage your own legal or medical affairs. By assigning powers of attorney to a loved one, you can ensure that your family is able to avoid the stress and potential frustration of going through guardianship proceedings. If you have specific questions or concerns about powers of attorney, our estate planning lawyers are always here as a resource.


In some cases, a vulnerable person may not be in a position to care for themselves or manage their own affairs. A guardianship may be needed to give a family member or loved one access to the rights and responsibilities that they need to safely and effectively care for and protect the vulnerable person. Our Texas estate planning attorneys have the experience and sensitivity to assist clients with complex guardianship cases. If you are in Cibolo and you need guidance related to guardianships or any related legal matter, please do not hesitate to reach out to our law firm for confidential assistance.

Special Needs Planning

Did you know that leaving property to a child or family member who has special needs could inadvertently render them ineligible for Medicaid or Social Security benefits? If not, you are not alone. Many people are surprised by how state and federal law works. A Special Needs Trust (SNT) offers an answer. Through a properly structured SNT, special needs individuals can receive assets and support from their loved ones, without losing their ability to get much needed public benefits. At Weisinger Law Firm, PLLC, our Cibolo, TX special needs planning attorneys are here to help you and your family find a solution that best protects your vulnerable loved one.

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At Weisinger Law Firm, PLLC, our Cibolo estate planning attorneys believe that every client deserves one-on-one time and attention from their lawyer. We are here to answer your questions and make the estate planning process as understandable and stress-free as possible. For a free, completely private initial consultation with a top Texas estate planning lawyer, please contact us today. We represent clients in Cibolo and all around the surrounding communities in Guadalupe County and Bexar County.

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