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Recent Weisinger Joys

Sometimes life is busy enough it is hard to draw sophisticated conclusions or any life changing statements; And sometimes it just doesn’t need to be complicated. Here are a few of our most recent joys in our home.

Please tell me I am not the only mom who gets excited to practice trick-or-treating with their toddlers! It doesn’t matter how many times they go through the motions they love ringing the doorbell and getting candy. It makes the holiday last longer too…it days of trick-or-treating. I got the idea to practice trick-or-treating from a speech therapist who is helping me with one of my boys who is a “late-talker”, but it has been fun for all the boys.

Sometimes the moments of preparation are moments I end up treasuring the most.


Just the other night, our eldest joined us for a little workout. He jumped on the treadmill and ran for half a minute. He then stopped and asked if I knew why he was practicing his running. He reminded me that his friend Katie at school is very fast and he wanted to be able to keep up with her. It made my heart swell so big! I love that he has friends that inspire him to be better and I love that he is willing to put in some effort. I gave my shameless mom plug and reminded him that this is the type of friend he would always want in his life (And then whispered to my husband later that night that it is always the girls that change the world).

Sometimes the impromptu moments make me laugh the hardest.


Our second kid just turned three and was FINALLY able to join his older brother at school. The first day Lincoln was nervous and I wasn’t real sure how the two of them together in the same class would go.  I received this picture from the teacher later that morning. I almost cried happy tears seeing them taking care of each other.

Brotherly kindness is something I always value.


Morning preparation for school is typically my quietest time of the day. Just this past week as I finished packing the bags I was struck with how blessed we are. Look at all those bags! Each one for one of my precious most beloved people. Heart all mushy!


Last but not least, we recently attended the Zoo Ball at our kids school. It was a night of dapper clothing and fine exhibitions of hippos wrestling and plenty of dancing. We took our two older boys and spent most of the night chasing them.

I was so thankful Charlie took a moment to grab me and snap a quick selfie of just us. I am so thankful to be doing this all with him!