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Walking With A Friend Through Adoption

Our firm doesn’t do Family Law, unless it is Adoption; the happy side of Family Law.

Why? Well, because adoption is personal to us. The first adoption Charlie ever performed was our own. We adopted our niece and nephew. After walking the road, ourselves, we realized adoption is a beautiful gift that we enjoy being a part of.

Offering adoption through our firm has opened some extra special connections over the years. This time, I was able to walk intimately with my friend; as a friend while closely connected with the actual legal process.

Six years ago, I was a new mom and regularly meeting with my two best friends and my sister in a group we coined the Girl Scouts. It was a prayer group, specifically a Praying Wives Group.

Our friendships first formed a couple years earlier as we were all in the same life group and we had spouses that were self-employed. We shared similar life at that time with young kids, the ups and downs of work, and a shared belief in Jesus. We decided to become intentional in praying for spouses, kids, work, life and to share this together.

One particular week, my friend mentioned that her sister-in-law was pregnant. We began praying for her pregnancy. We celebrated in finding out the baby was a girl. We then learned her name and started praying specifically by name for her. We rejoiced when she was born healthy and ogled over pictures during our Girl Scout time.

Not long after this little lady was born, my friend’s sister-in-law was diagnosed with cancer. We began praying for mom’s health. We prayed for mom for several years. The ups and downs of, “I think we are doing well” and the “oh, no we aren’t” to the day mom actually passed. We prayed hard; We prayed hard for mom, for family, and for this little lady and her older sisters.

We were left heart broken. We began praying for what God would do in the life of this little lady who was now three years old. Soon, she came to live with my bestie, and we were able to meet this little lady in person. She was and is perfection.

We continued to pray for what long-term plans God had for our little lady and soon my bestie began the adoption process. I was honored that she chose our firm to represent her because I knew we would be diligent in caring for them. I knew she was in good hands.

Her adoption became a bit more complicated and at times stressful. We prayed more. Our firm worked to make sure they made a solid case. This is real life. When you are sitting on a pew in a court room anxiously waiting on a judge to decide if your family gets to stay together. It is intense.

This process took months and between court dates life went on, we would see this little lady at church, birthday parties, Easter, etc. It didn’t take long before we couldn’t imagine parties or everyday life without her. She was part of our inner circle.

We prayed for her transition into her new home. We prayed for God to help her know her worth and to feel accepted and that she belongs. We prayed for the family during times when worry would creep in about an undesirable outcome. We prayed for cousins and siblings also adjusting to new living circumstances.

Finally, the official adoption day came. I love these “official days” as an intentional way to celebrate the work, emotional toil, and the victory. The adoption ceremony was salve to the soul.

Her large family gathered to embrace this momentous day. Through the entire ceremony my eyes are witnessing her family gathered in full smiles as she is officially adopted while my mind is flashing through the years of praying for her mixed with the fears of the could-have-been if she wasn’t here. I couldn’t help but repeatedly repeat, “Thank you God, Thank you God.”

It has been several months since this little lady’s name change and I have had a front row seat of watching the gift of adoption and Jesus heal a family piece by piece. Life can throw some hard curve balls; it is so nice to win some innings.

To our little lady, may you blossom in this new home and community where you are very loved and wanted. May you always know you can speak of your Mama any time and your tears won’t hurt us. May you know you belong and that you have been prayed for your entire life.

Thank you, Girl Scouts, for giving me the opportunity to walk real everyday life with you and share in the rough days so it is apparent how bright the good days really are.

Thank you to the attorneys that work tirelessly to take care of these babies by ensuring they are legally protected.


Finding Some Happiness Through The Adoption Process