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Weisinger Christmas Vacation

In the hustle and bustle of a busy season, we have had the best year yet!
2015 has been an amazing year as it is the year we became a family of four, the year we moved to our new home, and the year we hosted family Christmas.

Hosting Christmas might sound hectic, but it turned out to be easier than traveling with a toddler and newborn. We had help with meals and we were able to sleep in our own beds. We opted to purchase our gifts online to avoid crowds and toddler tantrums. It was the best decision of the season. Plus, it created time for all the festivities we wanted to attend while avoiding pure exhaustion.

This Christmas season was full of Christmas programs, Wonderland at the Train Museum, ballets, parades, live nativities, a candlelight church service, breakfast with Santa, Zoo lights, and lights at the River Walk.  However, the purest moments were the ones sitting with my two year old on our front lawn in our pjs and bedtime milk staring at our lights. It was magical.

Cliché as it might be, Christmas witnessed through the eyes of a child is magical. We loved watching him delight in the simplest of things like how grand he found our Christmas tree. For over a week, every morning he would run into the living and marvel at our tree. Etched in my memory forever will be his little voice exclaiming, “Mama, WwOW!” as he extends his little hand to point at the tree.

After all the Christmas parties and family gatherings, we took the week off. We treasured our time to reconnect and slow down. We spent the mornings enjoying homemade meals including gourmet omelets, waffles, bacon, and sausage. I was able to hold our infant while watching dad and son play endlessly on the floor. We took trips to the park to play ball and teach our son to ride his new scooter. We enjoyed the leisurely pace. We actually made a goal to not accomplish any projects other than reconnecting as a family.

During this Christmas Vacation I am reminded of how fast time passes and how we have to deliberately prioritize what is most important. It has been a full year: a year full of laughs accompanied with feeding schedules, sleepless nights and kissing owies. As much as I would love to stay in this season for quite a bit longer we can’t slow down time, but I have resolved to live each day to the fullest by enjoying the moment I am in.

Welcome 2016.

Disclaimer: Although enjoying the moment I am in is easier said when discussing Christmas parties, I realize there are many moments of unpleasantries that I am claiming to also enjoy. For those moments, I do not pretend to enjoy everything. I only vow to look for some small detail to treasure in the midst of unpleasantry.